Follow along with me here and this will all make sense in a moment:  
In 1975, the rock group Supertramp, released their third album “Crisis? What Crisis?“ Whether you’re a Supertramp fan or not doesn’t matter, I want you to look up the album cover by Googling “Crisis? What Crisis?”  In color, is a guy sunning himself in a deck chair under a brilliantly yellow table umbrella, completely unaware and unfazed by the dark, black and gray pollution, filth and decay all around him. When I first saw this album cover it really made me laugh at the irony of it all. It’s a Classic piece of artwork. 

Sometimes, in our businesses, we are so focused on the demands of the present that we fail to see the big picture. If the big picture is showing a crisis but you have intentionally or unintentionally blocked it out, you too could be saying “Crisis? What Crisis?”  Yeah you’ve made the sale, or semi-answered the questions proposed. As far as you’re concerned you’re finished. Right? Wrong! Don’t lose sight that there are future sales opportunities and always referrals at stake.  The customer will forget you in about two “shakes*” unless you have a consistent, patterned follow-up system.  This is the beauty of my business, Sendoutcards. Let me talk with you about how this could look for your business. Fill up the contact information here on this website and let’s avert a Crisis!  The Doctor says “Take your Medicine and call me in the morning (to schedule an appointment to talk about our businesses)!

Dr. Ralph Harold, MD