Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the answer that has just eluded you, was right there in front of your face the whole time? Almost every entrepreneur or business person has searched  for some version of a magic bullet. I’m not sure I found it but this is awfully close. As usual,  If there’s one thing we’re all guilty of, it’s trying too hard and looking too deeply.

Especially in the 60s, corporations would write out a sales pitch, they expected you to memorize and rehearse it and then almost like a copy machine, they expected you to recapitulate it flawlessly over and over again with any carbon-based life form that you came in contact with. They really didn’t care how well it fit that person, it contains the facts that the company supported, the company likes that set of facts and by golly people who didn’t get it are just simply stupid, dense or sub-humanoid.
Occasionally this verbatim, highly dry and impersonal sales pitch would in fact say the right keywords and occasionally a sale would result, thus empowering the company to push even harder for you to repeat repeat repeat, this mind-numbing sequence of words. 

And then everything changed. I was invited by a good friend of mine to attend a free lecture given by Network Marketing guru “Big Al” a.k.a. Tom Schreiter. In the final analysis not only were we doing it wrong, but we were headed in the wrong direction. The key, according to Big Al is to be a “problem solver” instead of a “solution pusher“. Our relentless listing of features, benefits etc. was turning the prospect off because we weren’t solving their problems. Sometimes the Prospect didn’t even know they had a problem and that’s why our approach should first be to talk about THE OTHER PERSON’S business, how it’s working for them and what stumbling blocks they encounter. Engaging the prospect and solving a problem or two, even if you don’t solve all their problems will be much more ingratiating then just ramming a list of features and functions down their throat. YOUR PRESCRIPTION ; be a “problem solver” instead of a “solution pusher“