When we began this prescription last week, we had to face the fact that there will be good days and bad days. It is also pointless for you to wish or even hope things will be perfect all the time.  Bateman was paraphrased as having said   “It’s not what happens to you that matters, it is your RESPONSE that is the important thing!” Since it is inevitable, that there will be a rough patch, ‘the Doctor” (yours truly) prescribed drafting the attitude known as SWSWSW- Next “some will, some won’t, so what” and it’s onto the NEXT opportunity.  Whatever you, in the present, think will ruin the rest of your life, take heart that it is overcomeable. [Is that even a word?] It’s just a temporary bump in the road and you can and will overcome it. You will, can and MUST overcome it.


Part 2 of your prescription, centers on this notion that you must have sufficient strength of conviction to absolutely resolve and believe that you will overcome whatever setback occurs, despite its gravity. There are countless descriptions on the Internet, people with no arms or legs doing incredibly active sports, competitions, triathlons and parenting.   Blind people bowl and making unbelievable art.  Their “take no prisoners” attitude left them victorious-surely your obstacle can be overcome just by an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. 


Just like succeeding in marriage doesn’t require each party give 50%...no each party must give 100% and maybe more like 120%.  You as the business owner, entrepreneur must be willing to “ go that extra mile.”  To emphasize that point, the now mighty Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance company, was founded March 2, 1857.  They expected to take in many years of premium to build up their reserves. Unfortunately, a train derailment in Wisconsin, killed 14 people just two years into the company’s existence.  Payout of Northwestern’s Death Benefit obligations would have bankrupted the company.  So, President Samuel Daggett and Treasurer Charles Nash personally borrowed the needed funds to pay the claims immediately. Can you imagine PERSONALLY guaranteeing your fledgling employers Accounts Payable? Talk about Strength of Conviction.  The mighty Northwestern Mutual survives today because of that ultra heroic act.


Yes, I’m talking to you.  Your problems are trivial compared to that and you can, must and WILL work through them.  Now, don’t you feel better already? Join me here next week for a new Prescription.


The Doctor will See You Now,


Dr. Ralph Harold, MD