You cannot control fate, chance, the weather or things like that but what you can control is your response to the things that happen to you. Since you are in control of your own destiny, you actually CAN control the future. Never one to condone mediocrity, the greatest advice I can give you is to constantly be looking for ways to do it smarter, faster, more efficiently and continually with an eye for improvement. The Optimist Club Creed contains a line that says “ Promise Yourself….to give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others”.

Your unshakable quest to always improve, always try to find a better way, continually push for more enlightenment will, in the end lead to bettering your situation. Personal development is a never ending process and is the beginning of lifelong learning. There is no owners manual on life, parenthood, entrepreneurship or business ownership. You can continue to write your own chapters as you move forward. So, your emphasis must always be to be the best version of yourself. Others around you need to likewise be encouraged, cajoled, stimulated and constantly hear from you regarding your current status, the way forward and where your business is headed. People are listening, so make sure your observations are good and your advice is worth something. Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “,” avoid “perceived indifference” and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold