You heard the admonition to be the best version of yourself. Always. Inherent in this state is that you are always striving to improve, looking for a better way, never condoning mediocrity and being optimistic and positive. There are a lot of things out there in this world that can be taken a lot of different ways. Clarity of thought and focus on what’s really important is something a leader can show all of those around them, in your organization, in your down-line and in the various interactions you have with others.

Well there are great people among us to have imparted great wisdom they cannot necessarily interact with everyone, see not every situation will have the correct angle on every aspect. That’s why we need you. Yes you! Don’t be giving me that crap about you being insignificant, not as good as someone else, not as talented, not as eloquent, not as good a public speaker, not as good a writer, etc. when you are the guy who’s there, then you are the most important person in existence. We need your open eyes, we need your clarity of thought and we need your wisdom.  Yes you. We need your optimistic, positive focused, there-are-better-says-ahead type wisdom.  

Words you say are but a fleeting glimpse.  Texts and emails are often deleted to free up space.  But if you send a card, more specifically a Perfect-for-this-situation Send Out Card, but say it clearly and profoundly enough that the recipient knows you mean it.  Send Out Cards has found a large percentage of these cards stay on the recipients desk, get hung on the refrigerator or in places of prominence. We need your wisdom and your heart. Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “guywithtwofirstnames.com,” avoid “perceived indifference” and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold