Get Paid to Be Nice to One Another

A lot of people have said a lot of things to you, but if I ask you, “what is the absolutely nicest thing someone has said or done to you?” you will know exactly what that is. More importantly you will know exactly how it made you FEEL.  Whatever extra special thing they said to you or did for you invokes an emotion that will stay with you for years. It also acts as a bond that keeps you being close friends or loyal to that business.


This feeling is so incredibly powerful, why in the world wouldn’t you do it all the time for all your customers? This is a rhetorical question because there is no satisfactory answer in the negative.


Send Out Cards has embraced the concept of doing “The One Thing” that supersedes all others. When you have a prompting, this is a cue, which someone is experiencing a need that you have the capacity to fill. By choosing to focus, even for a moment, to better some aspect of this other person’s life, sharing love and kindness through a written word at a moment’s notice. The One Thing is what makes all of life worth it. The One Thing is what drives us to help others reach out in kindness to change the world.


Every time you learn about a cool new thing, you share it with others or someone shares with you. By sharing Send Out Cards with other individuals and businesses, those of us who elect to be “Referral Partners”, we actually get paid to BE NICE to one another. Using this you can make people smile, enrich their lives and get paid for it all at the same time. Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “,”  “get paid to be nice to one another” and “Take it to the Bank.”


Ralph Harold