Stand Out By Being Yourself

Who do you want to be? Is there someone in your chosen profession that represents the pinnacle, the most excellent manifestation of your perception of the best in your business? While it is desirable to always strive to improve, you may or may not be able to rise to the high levels. So understand that you are probably somewhere in between and be OK with that.

Remember how many people say to you to be “the Best Version of Yourself?” You have a unique skill set and a group of abilities that no one else has, making you a unique qualifier. So in this world where everyone has tons of unique abilities, how do you stand out? Instead of trying to stand out against all the other people who have similar excellent qualities, stand out by being yourself! Celebrate your strengths and work on your deficiencies. Be you and be proud.

The one thing that you absolutely must master and never cease to work on is to avoid condoning mediocrity. You can be so lost touting the best version of yourself that you forget to understand that there are things that you still can improve upon. You ALWAYS have something to work on. I remember when I went to the first SendOutCards convention and found that the CEO, Kody Bateman takes notes on every speaker, even when they are a lower level speaker. Kody contends you never know the source of the next Great Idea and this seemingly lower level man/woman may actually be the one. Let me explain how all of this can work in your favor. Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “,” work on standing out by being yourself, and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold