It's About Them Not You

Listen people, we all get it that you want to make money. I want to make money, Carla wants to make money, Dan wants to make money, even YOU want to make money. After all isn’t that the most basic reason why any of us do “this thing called work?” The paradox is that in order to make money yourself, you first have to build relationships by being a good person. The mark of a good person is someone who is interested in other than making money for themselves. The late Lynn Corbett was incredibly successful at his business but spent almost all of his time asking you how he could help you build YOUR business! He asked multiple ways, multiple times and introspectively. It wasn’t just a cursory and perfunctory “What can I help you with?” It was dripping with sincerity, and if that wasn’t enough he’d introduce you to 8000 of the people he knew (and he knew an incredibly huge number of people). He was STILL building relationships until one week he mysteriously missed a BNI weekly meeting (Lynn never missed a weekly meeting). And then we got the terrible news he was dead. It was so HIM, so ingrained in his personality, he was still building relationships up until the terminal pancreatic cancer took him.

The message is that Lynn and others gave of themselves TO HELP YOU, gave some more and then invented even newer ways to give. Purely as a byproduct of all this giving, Lynn was rewarded with people doing business back with him. It wasn’t immediate, so if your looking for a Fast Buck, this isn’t it. But if your looking for long-term, unwavering, wouldn’t-do-business-with-anyone-else kind of clientele, then you’ve found it. Oh, and after 311 words about Lynn and others, Lynn was a huge believer in Send Out Cards. The Card is about “the Other Person” so it fit perfectly in Lynn’s philosophy. Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “,” “ learn what Lynn was so excited about as it relates to Send Out Cards” and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold