Magic Bullet


There isn’t a business that doesn’t want to grow- or at least there SHOULDN’T be a business that doesn’t want to grow.  In previous blogs, the Great Wisdom is that your business is either “green and growing “ or you are “stagnant and wasting away”.  So brothers and sisters, the only real answer is for your business to be “green and growing”. But how to do it? Or even more importantly, how to do it consistently over and over again?  If only I had a Magic Bullet. 

Magic Bullet?   It’s probably the only item Amazon doesn’t carry.  You know what I am about to tell you: There is no Magic Bullet.  Up till now, has there ever been an easy way? Think about it. It always turns out that there are two ways things can be: 1) The hard way and 2) The hard way. How many times have you been told “This time will be different?”  It turns out to not be different. There is no real easy way and every time you think you’ve found one it’s either a scam and never existed in the first place or it’s a hard way disguised as an easy way and it disappointingly turns into a hard way once your Credit Card clears. And I am an Optimist.

Your Mother and your most trusted best friends have been right all along: You already possess everything you need to be successful.  All that is lacking is putting in the necessary hard work. Since you know from the above that THERE IS NO EASY WAY, quit trying to look for one.  So, since you’re going to put in Hard Work no matter what you choose, why not do a few things along the way to help ensure that your Hard Work will not be in vain?  Everyone eventually interacts with another human being or a company/organization that is run/governed by a human being. How can you gain favor with the aforementioned human beings? Might it possibly be a good idea to perhaps SINCERELY THANK them with a Heartfelt Custom Card from Send Out Cards when they go the extra mile for you?  You send them a card sincerely appreciating what they did for you. Think that will be remembered the next time you need a special favor? Sure as Shooting (that’s a thinly disguised Magic Bullet reference there)

What if you extend special pricing or go out of your way to fill a complicated order- then send a card saying “I wouldn’t do that for just anyone- but I did it because it was you!”  You Rock, man. There are only 6 Gazillion versions of how you can do this for all your Customers, Clients, Co-workers, Management, Suppliers, I.T. Support, Manufacturers Reps vital to your Business, Secretaries, Drivers, Delivery People, Melinda at Corporate, etc etc. Ralph has a Send Out Card for every one of them and you have a Smart Phone or Tablet to take a pic that would make that card Rock. Your Magic Bullet is Send Out Cards.  Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “,” avoid “perceived indifference,” “ load, aim and fire your Magic Bullet” and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold