Humble And Proud Of It

Be real, person! There is a fine line between being really sincere and meaningful (like Lynn Corbett- see previous blogs) versus looking like your trying to be sincere and failing.  The beauty of human interaction is that the True Intention will eventually be exposed by a combination of non-verbal clues and the sheer multiplicity of the ways you express your intentions.  Reality- What a Concept!

As every successfully married person sooner or later discovers, you can’t just tell your Partner once “I Love You” and think “There, I covered that.”  While in a legal transaction you could successfully prove, the Claimant did indeed proclaim that on This Date at This Time in This Medium the statement was 

Conveyed.  Your Spouse/Lover/Partner/Friend/Confidant perpetually has their antennae up subconsciously to see if you do anything else that corroborates this “I Love You/I Care About You/I am Thinking of You/I Want To Mean More To You” phrase.  Do you open doors for them, call unexpectedly just to see how they are doing, send flowers, SEND A “SEND OUT CARD”, etc?

Taking Love out of the equation, in the Business world, if you tell someone you appreciate when they went above and beyond, are glad they are part of the team, recognize an accomplishment, etc., your words will seem hollow unless corroborated by smiles and nods when you see them, a kind word here and there (see blog on Try a Little Kindness”) or hows this for a novel idea: SEND THEM A CARD SAYING EXACTLY WHAT YOU INTEND?  Now, no offense to pre-made card companies like Hallmark, American Greetings, etc. They have lots of nice cards indeed, but they are all pre-fabricated and don’t exactly fit your circumstances. This is where SEND OUT CARDS shines- why spend $4, $6 or $8 on a card that isn’t perfect when you can spend between $0.99 cents and $2.75 on a Custom Perfect Card that even has their picture on it? How can you get more personal than that?

Somehow, someway, people can spot a phoney 10 miles away.  Like the person who claims they are humble and they are obviously Proud of being humble.  Oxymoron or just plain moron? Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “,” “be sincere and Show It with Send Out Cards” and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold