So What's So Special About Your Cards

As big and tough, high and mighty, indifferent and unabashed, shy and timid, powerful and unwavering, the façades of everyone we meet have a soft spot or point of vulnerability somewhere. Now con artists have used this fact to find ways to manipulate and unfairly take advantage of others for centuries. Believe it or not, there is a good side to this soft spot in that it is a receptor point for you to make a connection with that individual that is multiple times stronger than anything forged in mundane daily interaction.

At Send Out Cards, we call it the “One Thing” (see previous blog entitled IF IT DOESN’T “MOVE THE SOUL”, IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.) While hard to explain the “One Thing” in words, everyone seems to get it when we say it. Isn’t it funny that in this age of connectivity, that so much unhappiness, loneliness is at an all time high and society as a whole is more disconnected than ever. For this “disconnectedness” problem we don’t need more hardware, another app- we need deeply sincere expressions of human concern. How can we convey those expressions from point A to point B? It’s that stops you in your tracks, they didn’t have to do it for me, I don’t deserve something that nice, soul-moving experience that Send Out Cards calls our “One Thing”. But once in a Blue Moon, someone does something that really impresses you, really makes a difference. I am talking about an event, someone does for you that makes you stop, take notice and you remember it for years. You also remember how it made you FEEL!

It’s a Free country and you can use our Send Out Cards to say, express or pictorialize just about anything.  But we are not about the “ordinary, mundane or been-there-done-that triviality. Our whole emphasis is on giving you the Opportunity to “Go ahead….Make My Day” (I will Send a Card to Clint Eastwood!)

I still remember the way I felt when Lorrie Kiefer (now my upline), sent me a SendOutCard.  Lorrie had taken the time to look me up on Facebook, copy a picture out of one of my posts and also grabbed a logo for the company I was working with at the time. She then selected a great card, added both of those graphics along with some nice words and placed them on a terrific looking card. She told my wife and I how much she has enjoyed getting to meet with us and show us the awesome possibilities that Send Out Cards was capable of. As I opened the envelope, I pulled out a card that I could clearly see was not a store-bought,pre-fabricated card but had been designed just for my wife and me. At that very moment, a voice inside my head said “I can’t believe she did this. I’m not that special. I must really mean a lot to her.  I was humbled. I was so awestruck and impressed all in that same few milliseconds. Once we learned all about Send Out Cards, my wife and I were so impressed that we signed up and I went on to become a full-time rep for the business. I still to this day, vividly remember that exact feeling that was invoked when I opened that envelope. Don’t settle for ordinary interactions when you can move the needle and move the soul of people you interact with. Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “,” avoid “perceived indifference” and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold