Hopefully, you are a happy, well adjusted, satisfied human being with a forward-thinking, optimistic mindset and are perpetually recruiting the next great idea. People are unable to fathom the sheer numerical quantification of how many good ideas there are and how many are still yet to come. To illustrate this point, there was a time in the past, (maybe 1906) when some uninformed, narrow-minded individual was quoted as saying “Guess they’re going to have to close the US Patent Office since everything that can be invented as been invented!” I’m sure glad that person was so impressed with the state of Technology that year, but look at what we’d have missed out on: Penicillin, Transistor, Personal Computer, Internet, Cataract Surgery Implants, Cardiac Stents, the Bikini, the Miniskirt, Hybrid Cars, Plastic, Satellites, Sirius XM Radio, I-Phone, SmartTV, DVD, Bluetooth, etc.

The lesson here is that our own biases put blinders on us and there is an infinite number of unexplored ideas, concepts, hypotheses, etc. that can actually benefit us or our situation. To benefit from this wealth of ideas we need a skill set we are not particularly good at: LISTENING. Being open to suggestion not only may ultimately make your life easier, it may make you a lot of money. Encourage a free flowing exchange of ideas, even when you (think) you might not agree. Besides if people find you to be universally receptive to differing points of view, they may be willing to allow you to show them a revolutionary new idea like Send Out Cards or whatever your business may be.  Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “,” “be open to the next great idea” and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold