Someday Is Today

Does your spouse, girlfriend, close friend or business associate ever accuse you of being a procrastinator, especially in the area of “Follow Up?” Maybe you have even added that label to yourself. So quit Procrastinating and proclaim “ Someday is gonna be Today!”  

Now, in our defense, there’s a lot of things to do in a day and while you mean to get a lot done, eventually you have to prioritize and that means some things get done and some other things get put off. Too often, one thing that continually gets put off is your “Follow Up” or your outreach to customers, clients, suppliers, coworkers, consultants, etc.

Perhaps you have heard numerous network marketing gurus proclaim that the “fortune is in the follow up”and they are quite right. Anybody can take and fill orders but only a truly great person can make you feel fabulous once the process is completed. Is your business just an ordinary, “also ran”, no better than the next guy? Obviously not, they’ve got you working for them! So quit treating your customers and clients with “ordinary”, “lack-luster” or “ totally forgettable” communications.  Admit it, those emails, texts, etc. don’t even move the needle on the “impressiveness” scale.

Your Customers/Clients are really important to your bottom line.  Why not take a selfie of them and their purchase and put that picture on a Card that tells them just how S-I-N-C-E-R-E-L-Y you appreciate their business?  The next card they get can instead thank them for their L-O-Y-A-L-T-Y or maybe that card can roster list other goods/services you also provide. The back of the card has YOUR Logo or YOUR picture and contact information, not Hallmark, not AMERICAN Greetings or not even SendOutCards.  Make them feel like there is “no comparison” between the other guys and the Customer Experience at your place.  

Quit putting off tomorrow and take the steps to get your follow-up automated and actually happening! Have a conversation with Ralph Harold, “”, realize that SOMEDAY IS TODAY and “Take it to the Bank.”

Ralph Harold