Great Minds

Great minds have stated that no matter where you are in your  business, the Great Wisdom is that your business is either “green and growing “ or you are “stagnant and wasting away”. The spirit here is that no matter how good things might possibly be at any one given moment, you as a business, need to be perpetually recruiting and constantly in “Growth Mode”. Many an excellent Business who thought they were set for life has encountered a sudden or unforeseen downturn and ends up gone. For instance, who thought we would ever see a day when the mighty and pervasive Eastman Kodak company whatever cease to exist?  Same for Polaroid. Montgomery Wards? A&P was once thought to be so well established their name was “ The great Atlantic and Pacific (Tea) company“.  All are no more.


Not being one to ever dwell on the negative, my point is simply as a business you need to be looking at  every human interaction as a chance to promote and enhance your company. I often say that  kindness is the universal language so well understood that even the deaf can hear it and the  blind can spot authentic kindness a mile away. Quit sending meaningless, impersonal or worse yet, “plain ordinary”e-mails, texts and voice messages when, in 90 sec, you could send a PERFECTLY appropriate card via Send Out Cards! You know what i’m talking about when I describe the warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone does something you don’t expect. Why not hand out ‘thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation” like candy by sending really meaningful cards to your customers, colleagues, suppliers and referral partners? We, at Send Out Cards, call it “Appreciation You can Touch” Let Ralph show you how effortless and automatic it can be. Send Out Cards with the “Guy With Two First Names” and take it to the bank!